(work in progress)

Being born in a post-soviet country it is especially interesting to explore the period of the USSR. How was it to live in a utopian country of equality and proletariat? What was it like to be a part of so many different republics with their own traditions and history united in one big country? And what could have been if things had gone in a different way? After the Soviet Dissolution, the post-soviet countries were overwhelmed by the new exotic Western culture – new food, new clothes, new TV shows. In this project I tried to imagine the world in which the merging of different cultures happens much earlier – right after WWII as if the Cold War never existed. American pop-art comic book culture recreated by Roy Lichtenstein merges with the Soviet daily live photos taken from my family archive. Ordinary everyday scenes cease to be so and turn into a playful comic book when they merge with a riot of colors and almost metaphysical comments.